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Music in my veins



I thought I’d share a few tips on how to start your music career. I am the bass player for Triveno Smith as well as our church worship team. I occasionally do lead vocals, backing vocals, I love to write songs and I play a little acoustic guitar from time to time. Before you enter the music industry it’s a good idea to sharpen yourself up on what you are getting yourself into. Having a band, being a musician, singer or songwriter is hard work and if you don’t have the perseverance and determination you might quit at the first sign of an obstacle. If music is your passion keep going strong because if music or singing is in your veins nothing else would be able to fill the void.

1. Develop your repertoire.
Find hit songs in your genre and start practicing your voice or instrument. You should try other genres as well to better your skill and to stand a chance of getting more gigs. If you sing try writing original songs that flatter your singing voice, but throw in a cover or two so people can sing with.

2. Take voice/instrument lessons.
Hire a vocal coach to help develop your singing voice to its full potential. Nowadays vocal lessons and instrument tutoring videos are available on the internet as well. If you’re a singer your voice is your instrument so read up on how to take care of your voice.

3. Perform as often as possible.
Join a choir, sing in church, look for bands that might need a lead singer, lead guitarist or whatever instrument you play. Perform at local events because performing often will increase your confidence in front of a microphone and behind your instrument. Be willing to do gigs for charity and that way get exposure, but if this is your only means of making a living be careful not to be misused.

4. Network with local musicians
Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and Reverbnation are quite a big resource for musicians, bands and singers. You can search for and hook up with musicians and singers from your area. It’s good to collaborate with other artists. This way you will grow and learn more about the music industry.

5. Develop an image.
Think about how you want to look in front of an audience and develop a look that’s uniquely yours. Spend some bucks on a good photo shoot of yourself or your band that showcase your image. Pictures draw attention and can be used for business cards, social media profiles, websites, posters and advertising. Make sure you use a good photographer.

6. Record a demo CD.
Find the best musicians in your area you are able to afford. Chances are through networking that you’ll meet some great musicians who are willing to help you put together a demo of 1 or 2 songs. Keep copies of your CD with you at all times, especially when you’re singing at a gig. Mail copies of your demo to record companies or to other artists that you admire.

7. Enter a competition.

Try a karaoke competition, an open mic or a local talent show. If you have the opportunity, then take an audition for a major singing competition shows in your country such as Idols or X-Factor.

8. Set up a website.
Reverbnation: , Soundcloud: You can create a Twitter and Facebook profile for yourself or your band. Include photos, a bio, a touring schedule and maybe a blog. Allow your fans to download free copies of some of your songs from the website.

9. Share your performance footage.
Post videos of your performances on YouTube and share the links on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll build a bigger fan base and later on people will want to see you perform in their area. Who knows maybe you’ll even get discovered by some record company.

10. Hire a booking agent when you’ve built your reputation.
An agent can help you to find performance opportunities outside of your local venues.

All the best for your music career. Keep singing, keep playing. Practice makes perfect…
Be yourself and don’t compare yourself with others and most of all enjoy yourself while blessing others with your talents and abilities.


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